Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup of the lips is primarily a perfect lip contour. Thanks to permanent makeup, you can:

  • compensate for lip asymmetry
  • gently enlarge
  • make the lips smaller and emphasize their lines
Many women have a fuzzy and uneven lip contour. Often, after a history of cold sores, the contour fades, becomes blurred and the shape of the lips changes. Permanent lip makeup is to give the lips their correct shape, which will emphasize and bring out the woman’s beauty.

Lip contour with filling. Lips in your dream color.

Permanent lip makeup with filling is an excellent proposition for women who want to have beautiful lips permanently. If you value comfort and a perfect look, this treatment is just for you. After the treatment, just gently refresh your lips with a lip gloss and they will be ready! In this way, you will get rid of many unnecessary lip liners and lipsticks from the bag, and your life will become easier.

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Lip Light – illumination and rejuvenation for the lips

Liplight is a complement to the permanent makeup of the lips. It consists in delicately shading the skin over the upper lip with a light shade of pigment. In this way, you can outline the heart of your lips and cover up small wrinkles.

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Contraindications to the procedure:

  • you are undergoing a viral infection
  • you have diabetes or psoriasis
  • you have active herpes on your lips (you can perform the treatment 2 weeks after it has healed)
  • with an interval of less than 2 weeks, inject the mouth with Botox or hyaluronic acid
  • your lips feel dry and chapped
  • you’re pregnant
  • you are taking steroid

Remember to inform the linergist about other diseases and medications you are currently taking.

Right after the treatment:

Your lips will be slightly swollen after the treatment and the skin around them will be red. After a few hours, the situation will return to normal. Don’t worry if your lip color is darker than you expect after the treatment. It’s natural, even with light makeup. Within 7 days, the make-up will flake off and its color will become even 50% brighter. Therefore, a second visit is mandatory, during which the permanent makeup of the lips is supplemented and corrected.

Care after the treatment:

After the treatment of permanent lips make-up, take Heviran antiviral preparation for 3 days, which will protect you against herpes. Remember to take special care of the mouth area. Do not soak, rub or touch your mouth. Take care of their hygiene. You shouldn’t be washing them with soap. Use only cosmetics recommended by the linergist. Moisturize your lips and lubricate them several times a day with the Long-Time-Liner® vitamin E cream, which you will receive from your linergist after the treatment. After a few days, the Vitamin E cream can be replaced by Long-Time-Liner® Shea Lip Balm. Disinfect your mouth after each meal – we recommend it especially to people who are prone to herpes. Before about 2 weeks after permanent make-up of the lips, do not use the swimming pool, SPA treatments, saunas and solariums.

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