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Body Shaping

A slim and firm body is a dream for many people. Sometimes despite adequate diet and exercise with certain parts of the body, getting rid of extra centimeters turns out a lot troublesome. Modern devices are capable to deal with local fat gain. It is worth using modern methods of body shaping, which will allow you to achieve satisfaction with your appearance. These are safe treatments slimming, reducing cellulite and restoring youthfulness firmness. The best treatments await you at our Institute, which are characterized by excellent results and do not require a recovery period. Learn about non-invasive and effective ways on body modeling.

It is the only non-invasive device that is FDA-certified (Food and Drug Administration) which is effective and safe shapes the body, reduces body circumference, at the same time by improving the tension and structure of the skin, it eliminates symptoms cellulite.

VelaShape offers a 3-7 cm reduction in body circumference in the area treated, after 4 repetitions of VelaShape is great silhouette without risk, pain and unnecessary waste of time.

Mechanical manipulation of VelaShape ™ tissue (negative pressure + mechanical massage):

Body Fx is constructed to provide flexibility skin. Combination of RF wave radio, vacuum and low chamber voltage, ensures the permanent destruction of unwanted cells fatty. The Body FX head is a body shaping procedure that which introduces the next generation of non-invasive lipolysis. Provides long-term achievement of better body sculpting and smoother skin. Uses clinically proven frequencies radio energy, to ensure skin elasticity.


Aesthetic, therapeutic and sports treatments for the body, face, neck, cleavage and bust. Perfect results of the treatments are guaranteed unique, patented LPG ™ technique, i.e. skin roller massage assisted by vacuum. Precise, appropriate depth is achieved thanks to the unique structure of the treatment head equipped with two independently driven rollers.

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