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Medical micropigmentation is a field of medicine aesthetic dedicated to the special needs of customers who they have undergone difficult operations, injuries and diseases. This is an excellent method camouflage skin imperfections after treatments i external injuries, both for women and men.

It allows not only to fill the cavities skin, but has a positive effect on improving well-being and return to “Normal” life. The technique of the procedure is extremely important and determining whether, in a given case, medical micropigmentation can be made. During pigmentation of diseased places, especially on the skin after burns, on scars after operations, skin behaves differently than healthy skin and must be skilfully treated with it follow.

Medical micropigmentation is a modern procedure that requires specialist knowledge in the field of medicine, cosmetology and pigmentation techniques. It is often treated as a kind of art. It requires a lot of sensitivity and precision, when well made, it provides a completely natural and aesthetic look.

Micropigmentation treatments have many uses and possibilities always depend on individual needs each patient. However, the main job of micropigmentation is camouflaging skin defects.

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