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Osteopathy is a manual therapy based on the differential diagnosis and normalization of functional disorders that may contribute to the induction of disease states in the human body. Modern medicine significantly adds years to human life. Contemporary osteopathy keeps the human body in good condition, maintaining human organic life. This art requires excellent manual skills and vast general medical knowledge.

Osteopathy diagnoses:

Osteopathy successfully cooperates with treatment in the field of academic medicine, supporting the applied pharmacological or surgical treatment by ensuring the good condition of the patient’s tissues and stimulating the body’s repair processes. The preventive role of osteopathy consists in preventing the perpetuation of changes in tissue mobility as a result of injuries, past diseases or repeated poor movement and / or hygiene habits. Tissues in good condition are more resistant to injuries and infections and ensure the proper functioning necessary to maintain homeostasis.

Osteopathy helps with ailments:


Movement system

Digestive system

The nervous system

Respiratory system

The circulatory system

Genitourinary system


What therapeutic methods do we use?

Osteopathic direct methods

Functional osteopathy

Craniosacral osteopathy

Muscle energy methods

Craniosacral osteopathy

Myofascial techniques

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