Permanent Makeup
Eyes and Eyebrows

Permanent Eye Make-up

If you are tired of painting lines every day, checking in the mirror if your make-up is okay, or having a visual defect makes it bothersome – you will be delighted!
Permanent eye makeup allows you to perfectly emphasize them and optically thicken the lash line.

The upper line thickens the lash line

This type of line is very subtle and looks very natural. Nobody will notice permanent makeup, but everyone will notice that you have beautiful eyes and thick eyelashes.

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Decorative eye line

Permanent eye makeup can also be stronger. If you like clear and strong makeup, you can choose a decorative eye line

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The lower eye line

The lower line of the eye completes the make-up and makes the eyes optically larger

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Right after the treatment

The eyes may be slightly swollen, red and may appear teary. The swelling wears off quickly and you can quickly return to your daily duties. Immediately after the treatment, the color of the lines is intense, this also applies to delicate makeup. Within 3 to 7 days the make-up will flake off and the color will fade to 50% of the original color. Due to the exfoliation of the epidermis, it is necessary to make a correction, during which the make-up is strengthened and takes its final shape.

Care after the treatment

When feeling dry and tight, moisturize with arnica or firefly gel by applying a protective film around the eyes several times a day. You should not use the swimming pool, sauna, solarium and sun exposure for up to two weeks. Pigmented skin must not be washed with soap!

Eyebrows Permanent

Permanent makeup of eyebrows using the shading method

The eyebrow shading method consists in drawing the eyebrow in such a way that it gives the impression of a delicate shading under the hair. The shading effect makes the eyebrows look natural. The make-up blends with the hair, filling in the gaps in the eyebrow arch and emphasizing its shape.

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Permanent makeup of eyebrows using the hair method

The linergist introduces the pigment linearly, creating a drawing in the eyebrow arch that imitates natural hair, while thickening thin eyebrows. Makeup made with this method looks extremely natural.

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Contraindications to the procedure:

  • virus infection
  • diabetes
  • psoriasis
  • at an interval of less than 2 weeks, the face was injected with botox or hyaluronic acid
  • pregnancy
  • steroid drugs

Remember to inform your linergist about other diseases and medications you take!

Right after the tratment

The skin may be slightly swollen or red. This condition disappears quickly. Permanent makeup may seem too strong for you right after the treatment. It should be remembered that within 3 to 7 days after the treatment, the epidermis will peel off and the makeup will become lighter by approx. 50%. For this reason, a second visit is necessary, during which the shape and color are corrected and, if necessary, reinforced.

Skin care after treatment:

W momencie uczucia suchości i ściągnięcia, do regeneracji używamy Cicaplast, Alantan, Bephanten. Nie należy myć skóry mydłem, trzeć, skubać oraz dotykać pigmentowanej skóry! Do dwóch tygodni po zabiegu należy unikać solarium, ekspozycji na słońce, basenu i saun.



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