Institute of Cosmetology and Paramedicine


The secret of perfect beauty

A luxury that you can feel with all your senses

Innovative luxury rejuvenating care available only in selected BABOR Institutes.

The rejuvenating Glycocéane GP3 protein in combination with the energy-providing BABOR thermophilus and the exclusive extract of algae called green caviar creates the Sea-telligent complex, which rejuvenates the skin in an unprecedented way: it optimizes all its vital functions, prevents premature aging and significantly reduces the already existing signs of passing time .

In combination with the unique ingredients of SeaCreation products, it restores the natural beauty and full balance.

SeaCreation products:

SeaCreation The Cream

Luxury anti-aging face cream.

SeaCreation The Cream Rich

Rich luxury anti-aging face cream.

SeaCreation The Eye Cream

Luxury anti-aging eye cream

SeaCreation The Mask

Luxury anti-aging cream mask.

SeaCreation The Serum

Luxury active anti-aging concentrate

Other Babor Face Treatments

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