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Exclusive Lifting care

Treatment HSR

It is an exclusive lifting treatment for people with mature skin, who want to keep their youthful appearance, and who value intensive care. This luxurious care was created in BABOR laboratories especially for the needs of your skin.

The ingredients of the HSR® lifting cosmetics line are the result of research and experience in laboratories of the German company BABOR. It restores vital energy and youth to the most demanding skin thanks to the content of the unique HSR Lifting Integral Complex, which effectively prevents the formation of wrinkles: Multitendyna activates the reconstruction of collagen fibers, thanks to which the skin retains its elasticity, Liftolution creates an invisible mesh-like layer on the skin surface, and Glyco-Stop prevents glycation of collagen fibers.

Such a comprehensive lifting effect visibly reduces the depth of wrinkles. The skin becomes smoother and the contours of the face clearer.

HSR series products:

Extra Firming Cream

A luxurious anti-wrinkle moisturizing cream.

Extra Firming Cream Rich

A luxurious anti-wrinkle cream rich.

Extra Firming Cream Eye Cream

A luxurious, extremely rich anti-wrinkle cream.

Extra Firming Foam Mask

Luxurious anti-wrinkle foam mask.

Extra Firming Serum

Luxurious anti-wrinkle moisturizing serum

Neck & Decollete Cream

Firming intensive care for the neck and décolleté

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