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Doctor Babor

Synergy of medicine in cosmetics

Doctor Babor is a unique line of products on the borderline of medicine, combining the latest knowledge in this field with the experience gained in using the most effective ingredients.


Repair Cellular

Intensive regenerating care with the unique BIOGEN®PLANT Extract, based on the extracts of eight herbs. Provides sensational results before and after aesthetic surgery, after treatments with fruit acids and intensive treatments with the use of cosmetic equipment, in the regeneration of the skin after acne treatment and prevention of scarring.

Regenerative / Preparing treatment

Rebuilding the skin, intensively regenerating care, also recommended as a treatment that prepares the skin for plastic surgery and after surgical intervention, in order to accelerate the regeneration processes.

Repair Cellular products:

Ultimate Calming Serum

A soothing active cosmetic concentrate

Ultimate ECM Repair Serum

An effective active cosmetic recovery serum to promote rejuvenation, natural skin renewal and a more even appearance.

Ultimate Forming Body Cream

Intensively regenerating body cream, also recommended for skin with stretch marks and scars.

Ultimate Repair Cleanser

A mild, creamy milk for cleansing the skin that requires regeneration.

Ultimate Repair Cream

Intensively regenerating cream with a rich texture.

Ultimate Repair Mask

Mask with an intense regenerating effect.

Refine Cellular

Extremely precise product formulas allow you to correct various skin imperfections, such as enlarged pores, symptoms of fatigue, uneven color, unevenness, couperose and cellulite.

Ultimate A16 Detox Treatment

Spectacular skin renewal 16 times more effective than retinol for tired skin that requires regeneration, with signs of aging caused by environmental influences. Supports the skin renewal process, intensively smoothes and reduces wrinkles, lightens pigmentation discoloration.

Anti Couperose treatment

Care for couperose skin with sharp reddening and flaky skin

Refine Cellular products:

3D Cellulite Fluid

A firming concentrate of active substances for the care of skin with symptoms of cellulite.

A16 Booster Concentrate

A concentrate of active substances with the innovative ingredient Retinew A16 with a concentration of 10%.

Age Spot Protector SPF

A rich serum designed to effectively correct the look of existing skin discoloration

Ultimate AHA 10+10 Peeling Gel

Skin-renewing fruit acid peeling gel

Couperose Cream

A specialized serum that soothes the intensity of couperose, concealing blood vessels visible under the skin surface.

Couperose Serum

A unique, deep cleansing balm with an anti-pollution effect.

Detox Lipo Cleanser

Specifically designed to give problem skin a refined and smooth appearance.

Detox Vitamin Cream

Ultimate glow bi-phase ampoule treatment

Glow Booster Bi-Phase Ampoules

Light special care lotion for the T-Zone; refines pores and helps mattifies the skin

Pore Refiner

Light special care lotion for the T-Zone; refines pores and helps mattifies the skin

Rebalancing Liquid

A soothing, regulating and stabilizing lotion for all skin types.

Ultimate 3D Cellulite Lotion

Firming lotion with massage balls for the care of skin with symptoms of cellulite.

Purity Cellular

The combination of active ingredients of D-Actryl Complex in cosmetics from the Purity series ensures optimal care for contaminated skin, regardless of the severity of the dermatological problem and the cause (e.g. stress), and it comprehensively combats pollution problems.

Purity Cellular Treatment

Intensive care for a long-term reduction of impurities, soothing and smoothing the skin, intended for: skin with impurities, requiring regeneration, as care accompanying the treatment of acute acne caused by stress.

Purify Cellular products:

Blemish Reducing Cream

Cream for contaminated, acne-prone skin, prone to inflammation.

SOS De-Blemish Kit

A comprehensive SOS set providing intensive care for heavily contaminated skin.

Neuro Sensitive Cellular

Intensive, regenerating care with a special composition of active substances with a neurocosmetic effect. It allows to break the chain of constant reactions to stimuli irritating the skin’s immune system and alleviate all symptoms of hypersensitivity and extreme dryness.

Neuro Sensitive Treatment

Intensive care for extremely dry, flaky, itchy skin, as well as atopic skin in the period when there are no symptoms of the disease.

Neuro Sensitive Cellular products:

Glow Booster Bi-Phase Ampoules

2-phase concentrate of active substances in an ampoule for radiant complexion. 7 ampoules in the package.

Intensive Calming Cleanser

A mild milk with a neurocosmetic effect for cleansing particularly sensitive skin.

Intensive Calming Cream

Cream for extremely sensitive skin, recommended for both face care and sensitive skin around the eyes.

Intensive Calming Cream Rich

An exceptionally rich cream for extremely sensitive skin, recommended for the care of the face and especially rough parts of the skin.

Lifting Cellular

Firming. Contour improvement. Wrinkle reduction.

Specialized products based on an extract of edelweiss stem cells with a lifting effect and a filling complex of lipopeptides. The cosmetics of this line stimulate collagen reconstruction, shape the contours of the face, restore the firmness of tired skin, and smooth out mimic wrinkles and wrinkles in the sensitive eye and mouth area.

Collagen Booster Treatment

Intensive care for all skin types, with clear signs of aging such as wrinkles and loss of firmness. It improves the skin structure, effectively smoothing and restoring its firmness.

Lifting Cellular Multi Masking Treatment

Intensively moisturizing and firming care with a foil and non-woven mask. The treatment is intended for all skin types that require firming and moisturizing, also for sensitive skin or skin prone to impurities.

Ultimate Vitamine C Treatment

Intensive regenerating and revitalizing care for skin with signs of aging, such as wrinkles, loss of tension and elasticity, and uneven color. It restores the firmness of dull, stressed skin and gives it a uniform color and glow.

Lifting Cellular products:

Collagen Boost Infusion

A concentrate of active substances with a strong firming and filling effect, for use in the form of a 4-week treatment

Collagen Boost Cream

Cream with hyaluronic acid and peptides, filling wrinkles and supporting collagen synthesis.

Collagen Booster Cream Rich

Rich cream with a firming and lifting effect, perfect as a night care.

Ultimate Wrinkle Filler

Wrinkle filler with an immediate smoothing effect.

Dual Eye Solution

Regenerating eye care day and night. One pack, two creams.

Instant Lift Effect Cream

Lifting cream.

Hydro Cellular

Deep hydration. Smoothing. Revitalization.

Hydro Cellular is a series of cosmeceuticals for highly dehydrated skin with visible wrinkles resulting from dryness. Extremely effective cosmetics compensate for moisture deficiencies and enable long-term storage in the skin, thanks to which the skin is intensely moisturized from the inside, and lines and wrinkles are smoothed.

Hydro Cellular Treatment

Strongly moisturizing care, especially for extremely dry skin with visible dry wrinkles.

Hydro Cellular Products:

3D Hydro Gel Eye Pads

Gel eye pads with a moisturizing and smoothing effect.

Hyaluron Cream

Intensely moisturizing cream with multi-molecular hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluron Infusion

Intensely moisturizing concentrate with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

Brightening Intense

Brightening Treatment

A modern treatment that brightens the skin tone and reduces discoloration of all types, based on the standards of Asian care. It gives the skin an even, uniform appearance and smoothness. Carefully selected active substances give the skin a more subtle, even color and a natural glow. Ingredients with a strong soothing effect prevent premature aging.

Doctor Babor Brightening products:

Bright Effect Mask

Brightening mask on a cotton sheet, 5 pcs. In the package.

Daily Bright Cream SPF 20

A light day cream that brightens the skin and reduces discoloration.

Daily Bright Serum

Brightening serum for day use.

Skin Tone Corrector Treatment

A 4-week lightening treatment based on three types of ampoules.

Cleanformance (Vegan line)

Healthy Glowing Treatment

Intensively moisturizing and illuminating care for all skin, including young skin. Gives freshness and visually smoothes unevenness. The skin gains a healthy look, natural glow, and is perfectly moisturized. The treatment is performed on the basis of vegan cosmetics from the Cleanformance line.

Cleanformance products:

Awakening Eye Cream

Cream for the care of the skin around the eyes. 95% ingredients of natural origin.

Clay Multi-Cleanser

A gentle cleansing and clay-based mask in one. 95% ingredients of natural origin.

Deep Cleansing Pads

Biodegradable pads deeply cleanse the skin.

Re-Fill Deep Cleansing Pads

Biodegradable pads deeply cleanse the skin. Supplementary packaging.

Moisture Glow Cream

A moisturizing cream that restores the balance of the skin microbiome. 98% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

Moisture Glow Serum

Serum intensely moisturizing and brightening the skin. 98% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

Phyto CBD Cream

Soothing cream with cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp oil strengthens the protective barrier, improves the condition of tired, stressed skin. Contains 98% ingredients of natural origin.

Phyto CBD Serum

Serum for sensitive skin, prone to irritation, based on pre / biotics, containing hemp oil, CBD cannabidiol and extract from the bark of trees.

Renewal Overnight Mask

Nourishing mask with a creamy texture. 97% of the ingredients are of natural origin

Revival Cream Rich

Rich care cream. 98% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

Doctor Babor Pro

Precisely selected active ingredients for maximum results. Doctor Babor Pro is an individually selected and highly effective care, innovative recipes without fragrances or artificial dyes and precise operation.

Thera Pro Aha Peel Treatment

Anti-aging care for skin in need of regeneration, with visible signs of aging and partial loss of volume. It is a treatment with the use of AHA fruit acid with a concentration of 10% to 30%, glycolic acid and peptides.

Thera Pro EGF Treatment

Lifting care for the regeneration of collagen and elastin cells responsible for skin firmness and elasticity

Thera Pro CE Treatment

A treatment that stabilizes the natural protective barrier of the skin, intended for skin that requires regeneration, is tired and at the end of the treatment with AHA peels and microdermabrasion.

It regulates the lipid metabolism, soothes the feeling of tension, soothes redness and skin irritation

Doctor Babor Pro products:

AHA Peeling Overnight

Peeling with AHA acids for intensive night care.

Pytho Moss Cream

Cream that strengthens the skin's immune mechanisms, soothes irritations and moisturizes.

Ceramide Cream

Cream that strengthens and rebuilds the skin's hydro-lipid barrier.

EGF Callagen Cream

Cream that stimulates intensive skin renewal and collagen production.

Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate

Serum with 4 types of hyaluronic acid. Instant, in-depth hydration.

EGF Cream Mask

A mask that activates the skin's natural repair mechanisms and renews it.

Beta Glucan Concentrate

Anti-inflammatory serum.

Microsilver Concentrate

Antibacterial serum that strengthens the skin's protective mechanisms.

Vitamin C Concentrate

Serum with vitamin C.

A Retinol Concentrate

Serum with retinol that stimulates cell renewal.

EGF Growth Factor Concentrate

A serum that activates the skin's natural repair mechanisms and renews it.

Boswellia Concentrate

A serum that regenerates the skin and soothes irritations.

Ferulic Acid Concentrate

Anti-aging serum with ferulic acid.

Ceramide Concentrate

A serum that smoothes and strengthens the skin.

LMS Lipid Cream

A light cream that strengthens and rebuilds the skin's hydrolipid barrier.

NIC Skin Activator

A special gel mask that stimulates microcirculation and blood supply to the skin.

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