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Babor Men

Extremely masculine, extremely effective

A treatment that restores the balance of combination and oily skin. It normalizes, refreshes and regulates the hydro-lipid balance of the skin. Thanks to the Refining Complex, it intensively moisturizes, regenerates and regulates serum secretion.

Babor Men is an exclusive series of treatments tailored to the special needs of the skin of men who attach importance to a well-groomed appearance in every situation. Thanks to valuable recipes and a complex of active substances, TAUREC revitalizes, moisturizes and accelerates the healing of small wounds formed during shaving, as well as provides optimal protection and increases its resistance to the adverse effects of external factors.

The unique combination of refreshing care and energizing massages instantly revitalizes the body and mind and reduces the feeling of fatigue. The feeling of freshness, vitality returns, and with them the energy for further action.

Babor Men Energy treatment

An injection of energy and vitality for tired, dull and stressed skin.

Babor Men series products:

Calming After Shave Serum

Regenerating after-shave serum.

Calming Face & Eye Cream

Strengthening face cream for sensitive male skin and eye area.

Energizing Face & Eye Gel

Energizing gel cream for face and eye area.

Eau de Toilette VOL.1

Toilet water for men.

Eau de Toilette VOL.2

Spicy. Woody. Masculine.

Energizing Hair & Body Shampoo

Energizing shower hair shampoo.

Travel Set

Special size set for energized and strengthened male skin.

Instatnt Energy

The instant energy kick for fatigued male skin.

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