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Laser therapy

Laser therapy (low-power laser radiation therapy, low-level laser therapy – LLLT, laser biostimulation) is a method of physical therapy involving the irradiation of the body surface, local (point) or larger areas, in order to achieve therapeutic effects thanks to the stimulation (biostimulation) of cells with the energy of laser radiation. Characteristic features that distinguish laser therapy from other applications of lasers in medicine are the activity aimed at stimulating the cells, not destroying them.
Lumecca is an applicator with a broad spectrum of pulsating light (IPL) designed for all skin types. Thanks to selective photothermolysis, it allows you to heal changes by precisely targeting the light beam in problem areas of the skin that has been damaged by sunlight (pigmentation spots, blood vessels, rosacea, etc.), enabling its spectacular renewal. There are chromophores in the skin – these are structures that have the ability to absorb a light wave or a laser beam and convert it into thermal energy. The therapist selects a wavelength that is absorbed by a particular type of chromophore.
Reduction of the treatment time with an increased treatment area and high frequency of pulse repetition. Higher patient comfort during treatment and safety with a heavily cooled sapphire tip. Fast repetition rate at all settings, allowing you to precisely hit the area of skin you want to heal. The Lumecca applicator can be combined with the “Fractora” treatment for complete renewal of the skin structure. Photorejuvenation – removing the symptoms of photoaging.

The photorejuvenation procedure includes the alignment of skin structure and color:

Removal of vascular changes

Changes on the face: red and blue capillaries, spider veins, flat and cavernous hemangiomas, erythema and pigmentation spots can be removed by a non-invasive method using the LUMECCA laser in the IPL technology. The effectiveness of the technology has been confirmed by many clinical trials in the world. The treatment leaves no scars. With extensive vascular changes, it is necessary to perform several treatments. It is a safe method, more modern than sclerotherapy, cryotherapy or electrocoagulation.

Removal of acne symptoms (P. acne)

The treatments include:

This method causes P.acne bacteria to be killed faster than the process of their multiplication. It is recommended to perform the first treatments in a cycle of two a week. In this way, you can get a better effect within a month than with a three-month treatment with oral agents or cosmetic treatments.
DIOLAZE – ultra fast epilating diode. Equipped with triple 3PC cooling (before, during and after treatment). Pulse power technology Diolaze is the new speed champion in laser hair epilation. Diolaze is the first laser to combine high peak power, optimal pulsation and achieve the largest effective area of work in one treatment session. LED scanning technology is a unique combination of modern technology with advanced security technology. Finally, we can use a new efficient device to optimize the duration of treatments and the effectiveness of hair removal.
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