Discover the new anti-aging REVERSIVE products.
Exclusive treatments and beneficent massages.

  • 1st step: cleansing and exfoliation with AHA
  • 2nd step: massage by volume lip pinching
  • 3rd step: massage lifting touch: muscle relaxation
  • 4th step: luminous eye contouring
  • 5th step: mask
  • 6th step: drelaxation and anti-stress: while resting, we recommend you the muscle REVERSIVE relaxation according to the Edmund Jacobsen method.

Price: 130€ Promotional price: 100€


LPG Endermologie treatments:

6 endermology treatments – 300€ and receive a free overall! (Value of 30€)
12 endermology treatments – 600€ and receive a freetreatment and a free overall!